NAME: Bertrand Arthur
BIRTHDAY: 10 November 1988
HOME: Courchevel
DISCIPLINES: Freeski-photographe

  • Alpin skier fis
  • European cup skier cross (3 world cup start)

I am passionate about skiing and all outdoor sports since a very young age . I love travelling and ski touring taking photos from which I earn my living.

  • What moment do you ski for?

My life is skiing and skiing why is my life.i don’t know why that’s just how it is.


  • How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge? 

I take care with what I eat and eat a « clan » life so am always ready for the next opportunity.

  • What’s your favorite quote? Why does this quote resonate with you?

"It’s the strangest life I have even know" Jim Morrison
Because it’s true.

  • How do you conquer difficult situations? 

I concentrate on myself and don’t lose sight of the final goal.

  • What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are today and were they worth it? 

My back, my shoulder and my knee and if I could go back and do it all again I wouldn’t hesitate

  • What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are today and were they worth it? 

What’s in your head transfers to your ski’s but when skiing is your life it follows your head no matter what.

  • What do you do when you aren’t skiing? 

Cycling, photography, trail running, photography, climbing, photography, playing the drums with music crews.

  • What strategy do you use to overcome pressure and stress for optimum performance? 

There in lies the problem? I don’t have one!