Eating following the Circadian Rythm

Many skiers ask me general guidelines on nutrition topics, I will try to give some even though suggestions would require a complete screening to make precise and personalized suggestions. A first thing we need to consider is food as our fuel: but, is it always good for us?  Is it balanced and timed properly?

Most of the time it is not, and it becomes one more stress factor on our body, adding to the physical, mental and emotional stresses.

The human being is a circadian being: active during the day and resting overnight.

Fueling properly means to first be in balance with our physical activity. The first part of the day is the time of max activation and the same time when we need fuel to produce energy. While, towards night time our body goes into relax mode and doesn’t need any more fuel.

This is even more true for skiers: it is very important to save energy in the first hours of the day and keep on fueling our body machine throughout the day, without providing too much food when approaching the night rest, therefore following our circadian rhythm.