Keely’s Camp

Fast Girls

Keely Kelleher, one of the athletes who represent Tecnica/Blizzard, grew up in Big Sky, Montana, with a strong mother and older sister (Brenna, who won the 2001 World Junior freestyle kayaking championship at age 18). But throughout her career and seven years with the U.S. Ski Team, she found precious few female role models among those who coached her. After retiring from competition in 2010, she set about doing something that had never been done before in North America: create serious camps dedicated solely to girls. Her staff was all women. Her fellow coaches were friends and exteammates from the U.S. team (my “wing girls,” Keely says). The idea was both simple and profound: “I wanted to give back some of the stuff that had accumulated in my head. I wanted to create a camp dedicated to all the things I would have loved to have had growing up.”

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