How was your first year with Blizzard Tecnica?
Due to my penchant for big mountain skiing with a background in ski racing, it was natural to switch to Blizzard Tecnica as they make superior products for the kind of skiing I do. When I’m standing atop a peak intensely focused on the line I’m about to ski, the last thing I want to worry about is whether or not my gear is reliable and able to perform. Blizzard Tecnica makes dependable products that I was seeking for, and their skis and boots enable me to focus on my task at hand, optimize my skiing and turn up the fun factor.

Any takeaways from skiing with our partners up at Alaska Rendezvous Heli Guides?
The week I skied with ARG was a special treat to say the least. First off, skiing in this part of the Chugach Mountains is a unique experience unlike anywhere else in the world. The entire crew at "ARG" felt like family as they opened their arms to our entire group and treated us like long lost friends. The ARG guides, pilot and ground crew were extremely adept, reliable and knowledgeable -- instilling that extra confidence to ski the massive terrain skillfully. 

What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?
Powder, powder and more powder! Fresh tracks down steep, Alaskan faces is the ultimate adventure in the mountains for me so that is always the end goal to the season. Thus, I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to make it back to Alaska Rendezvou for more fun and Chugach shredding.

Why do you ski?
Why is the sky blue? It’s hard to imagine life without skiing as skiing has been such a positive, intrinsic force in my life from the moment I could walk. Skiing, from my earliest memories, has always been attached to being free: free in the way of getting to skip school for a powder day, free in the way of clearing the mind and becoming focused singularly on the task at hand, free in the way of getting to choose what I ski and how I ski given the moment and attitude of that time, free to escape the rat race of human kind and become more in tune with nature, free in the way of connecting to people and sharing moments that last a lifetime, and ultimately free to be me.

Elyse Ski Background:

Born and raised in Girdwood, Alaska, Elyse found a passion for the mountains and skiing at a very young age. Throughout Elyse’s youth she funneled her energy into ski racing. In her teens, Elyse became a top ranked downhiller for her age in the US. As Elyse grew older her focus and love for skiing evolved into freeriding due to her love for charging steep Alaskan mountains. As a professional skier Elyse has won many International Freeride competitions and was crowned Freeride World Tour Champion in 2008. Since then Elyse has turned her attention towards filming: she won Powder Magazine’s 14th Annual Video Award’s “Best Female Performance” for her segment in Teton Gravity Research’s Co-Lab Movie and IF3’s International Film Festival “Best Female Freeride Segment” for her role in Unicorn Productions’ Pretty Faces.  Elyse also co-founded and instructs SAFE AS, a women’s specific snow and avalanche safety clinic that tours the US.


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