Multiple wounded the 20 year old Toni Arnsteiner returned from the II WW to his hometown Mittersill. He took over the carpentry from his father and startet to build the first skis for his own use.

Frieda Dänzer (CH) wins the first world champion title on Blizzard skis in the triple combination. Roger Staub wins silver in the giant slalom, Jean Vuarnet (FR) fetches bronze in downhill.

Christl Haas, Erika Netzer and Marianne Jahn: a sensational success on Blizzard skis: 3-times victory and World Championship Gold. Silver at the giant slalom on the new EPOXI-Ski.

Gold at the Olympic Games in Innsbruck for Christl Haasat in downhill.

6 years of development and an investment of more then 30 millions Schilling (about 2.18 millions Euro) Blizzard was able to introduce a legendary new ski: The THERMO-SKI, the first termperature controlled ski in the world.

OUATTRO - the Thermo-Ski with downhill ski - automatic. Sensational success on the new material: Franz Klammer wins the Overall Worldcup and Blizzard is the most successful brand at the men's downhill 1982/83.

LEGENDARY: 3-times-victory at the Kitzbühel-downhill: Franz Klammer, Erwin Resch, Anton 'Jimmy' Steiner.

Petra Kronberger won 3 seasons of the Ladies World Cup in a row. The austrian exceptional athlete wins as the first woman all 5 disciplines in the World Cup.

Olympic GOLD in the combination and olympic GOLD in the downhill in Albertville. Petra is one of the most successfull skiers in history.

Michaela Dorfmeister finished the Olympic Games in 1998 in Nagano with silver in the Super-G.

Renate Götschl wins the overall World Cup and the smal crystal globe in Super-G. The overall standings at the giant slalom goes to Michaela Dorfmeister.

The overall World Cup vitory goes to Michaela Dorfmeister.

Blizzard has re-inveted the ski: with the uniqe IQ-System Blizzard introduced the first system where ski & binding are really integrated and work together for the best performance.

Reinfried Herbst celebrates his first World Cup victory and wins SILVER in slalom at the Olympic Games in Turin.

For the first time in history, Blizzard gets awarded for the R-POWER FS IQ with the European Ski Award ("ISPO Award").

Reinfried Herbst wins on the new Blizzard Ski the slalom World Cup and gets the small crystal globe.

Blizzard was the fist ski brand which got awarded the second year in a row with the ispo Award. The unique flip Core Rocker technology secure the innovative advance in the market.

Loic Collomb-Patton (Frau) wins the Freeride World Tour and crowns himself World Champion. The first title of its kind on Blizzard skis.

The ultimate highlight of a long, successfull career: Mario Matt wins GOLD at the Olympic slalom in Sochi. The first Olympic gold medal for Blizzard in the men team.