Flipcore is a revolutionary process to create rocker where the ski is molded in its final rockered shape. The natural rocker shape is produced wihtout having to bend or artifically shape the ski.  The advantages of the final result are natural flex,even pressure distribution throughout the ski,  increditble floatation in powder snow and excellent stability.

carbon flipcore

A revolutionary rockered ski production process that incorporates bi-directional carbon fiber in the tips and tails of the skis to stabilize the rockered areas, reducing weight and vibration. This process delivers more precision and performance, creating a smoother calmer ride in an easy to ski package. The result is a perfect combination of pressure distribution, flotation, power and stability.

carbon flipcore drt

A revolutionary rockered ski production process that incorporates a specifically designed piece of Titanal, which reduces the torsional strength of the tip and tail areas of the ski while adding stability and control underfoot. Carbon Flipcore D.R.T. makes the ski less demanding and less aggressive in softer snow while maintaining power and stability under foot.

Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber in the tip and tail improves longitudinal stability of the rockered areas of the ski and reduces swing weight delivering a more fun and playful skiing experience.


The integration of a 3D uni-directional carbon fiber frame with an ultra-lightweight paulownia woodcore construction allows us to reduce the weight in the ski while providing structure for performance. The carbon frame’s 3D geometry guarantees optimal flex and torsional rigidity. The result is a level of stability, edge grip and control unprecedented in the world of ski mountaineering.



The best downhill performance with the lightest weight.

+ Long contact surface: Improves stability on all types of terrain.

+ Longer Radius Sidecut: More forgiving and less catchy, especially in variable snow.

+ Lightweight: 3D shape and new Carbon Fiber inlayed glass fiberlayer.



Two edge to edge layers of bi-directional carbon fiber are positioned in the binding mounting areas to improve binding retention and torsional strength.


Our Zero G skis deliver downhill stability and confidence in an industry leading lightweight package.


A layer of bi-directional carbon fiber is placed above top layer of Titinal and is positioned from edge to edge under the middle section of the ski, directly under the FDT Race or WC Piston Race plate. This layer of carbon fiber adds additional support to the middle section of the ski.


  • Maximum power
  • Maximum Stability
  • Maximum Control


Two bi-directional carbon fiber layers are positioned vertically between the middle laminents of the woodcore and run tip to tail.


  • Maximum rebound
  • Maximum energy transmission
  • Maximum edge-to-edge response

sw ti carbon construction

Full poplar/ash woodcore, powered with C-SPINE, and combined with two full sheets of Titanal,  this construction delivers Blizzard's highest level of performance.

iq sw ti

Full poplar/beech woodcore construction with two sheets of Titanal, provides a very high level of performance that is focused on delivering stability and edge grip but is also easy and effortless at all speeds.

iq sw fiberglass

Full poplar/beech woodcore construction with fiberglass reinforcement, provides high to mid level performance that results in a perfect blend of stability and forgiveness.

iq composite

Composite core construction reinforced with fiberglass, provides a mid to lower level of performance that is characterized by easy handling, comfortable stability, and effortless control.

lite core

Wood cores that is naturally strong but lightweight are strategically constructed for maximum performance while reducing weight.


Full sidewalls provide torsional rigidity and constant pressure along the full length of the ski. The result is better energy transmission, stability, control and ultimately greater performance.


Duratec is the use of a thicker textured surface combined with maximum edge radius and aluminum tip protectors to contribute to the durabilty and longevity of your skis.


An integrated full suspension system provides ultimate power transmission while at the same time dampening vibrations. Working in harmony with the C-Armor and Carbon Booster, you can feel maximum rebound and speed exiting the turn.


The new Carbon Armor with Carbon Booster is now extended fur ther in tail providing for maximum power and speed out of the turn. + POWER + EDGE GRIP + STABILITY

race tip profile

Increased radius tip provides easier and quicker turn iniation.

iq system

The patented Blizzard IQ Technology is the only real fusion between the ski body and the binding interface. This ensures a superior feeling of precision and stability for the skier. • Free flex • Integrated dampening system • Direct power transmission • Lighter ski body • Even pressure distribution the full length of the ski