Things I Don't Travel Without


1. Longboard: I´m always afraid that time is running away. I rather skate than walk because it´s faster and fun.

2. Camera: I don´t want to miss capturing a beautiful moment so I´m always bringing my cam…just in case.

3. Beanie: You will rarely see me without a beanie or a cap.

4. Packable Headphones: You can escape into your own little bubble- whenever and wherever like.

5. Sketchbook: Some doodling here, some notes there. A nice thing to have when you need to clear your mind.


1. Good reading material is critical

2. Metamucil - well - because...

3. Blue tooth speaker - gotta have good music where ever you go

4. Aero Press - and gotta have good coffee too

5. My camera - you never know when that perfect picture moment will happen


1. Bose noise cancelling headphones- They help drain out all the noise on a plane making my flight WAY more enjoyable.

2. Gin Gins - As much as I hate at admit it I’m off when it comes to motion sickness. So I keep a pack of ginger candies with me just in case I need to calm my stomach.

3. Luggage scale - I’m always traveling with almost the max weight so I like to keep a scale handy to avoid any crazy overweight fees at the airport.

4. Organizer- Passport, receipts, money, travel visas, basically the stuff I NEED to travel from country to country kept in order in my little black organizer.

5. Lip balm- Last but not least, to save my lips from long trips in dry airplanes or up in the mountains I always have at least one lip balm with me.


1. Sunglasses- need these usually when I get to my destination and hopefully it is sunny!

2. Toothbrush- this is always needed in transit especially on long flights

3. Nook- can put a bunch of different books and reading material on it and even games!

4. Computer- need this to keep my business running smoothly!

5. Water bottle/ hydroflasks are the best for keeping your water cold or hot and of course staying hydrated!


Picture of a sensitive to the cold, a planner and a sweet tooth skier.

This is what I never forget when travelling for skiing.

Ski clothing, handmade wool beanie I made myself, helmet, googles, apres ski shoes, mittens, jeans and a warm wool sweater, my beauty case, sunscreen to protect my freckles, my canon camera to capture the best scenaries, my diary and pen to note my daily sensations I want to remember and for a sweet end, some recovery good chocolate bites.


Although I selected more, you get the picture. I read while traveling as that’s when I have the time!


1. Water bottle. Key to stay hydrated while traveling and most airports now have a water bottle fountain that you can refill without having to spend a fortune for water!

2. My kindle. I can travel with many books on this one tiny electronic device.

3. Chocolate. What can I say. I love good chocolate.

4. Head phones. Helps to block out all the noises and good music really helps the time pass quickly.

5. Emergen-C. Maybe it works. Maybe it's a placebo. But I seem to not get sick when I drink it daily.