Travels With Anne: Aspen, CO

First time crossing the pond- for skiing of course.

No plan, no problem. After returning from my previous trip to Nepal it seems like my ability to plan stuff is gone. Also I feel there´s no need to plan every single detail. At the moment I do really enjoy just to go with the flow. It will be fine. Everything will work out somehow. I like to keep it simple, travel as much as possible, live in my van, go out there, explore.

It doesn´t take much to make me happy- my van, mountains, snow. That´s it.

Photo: Roman Knopf

This time unfortunately I couldn´t bring my van. I needed to take the plane. Well, the US is pretty far away from Austria, where I live. I was super tired of the winter in the Alps and tried to gather some information where I could go for skiing. My Instagram feed was flooded by photos of deep powder in the US and Canada. I didn't have to think about it for too long. I texted Frank, our Creative Manager from Blizzard Tecnica. I told him that I´m wondering about coming over and asked if he had any tips or advice on where to go and what to do, and if he could hook me up with people who are keen on skiing. He offered me to head over and join the amazing Women2Women project, which I, of course, was really stoked about. I didn´t hesitate at all, just said “YES”. Six days later I found myself on the plane to Aspen/CO. I arrived in Aspen, without a plan about anything until one day before I was there. I was super lucky. I was invited to crash on a couch at a friend of Frank’s, Angus, who I had never met before. He welcomed me with the words “Just make yourself at home Anne - it‘s easy. You love skiing. I love skiing. We’re friends now and friends do that. It’s the Law of Attraction: like attracts like. If you love skiing as much as I do, then we both share a love for something bigger than ourselves and that comes out in many different ways.“ This guy totally blew my mind from the first second. He was right. We became friends, true friends and he was the one who made this trip very special. 

First touring mission in Aspen

Happy that I got to shred with these two gals: Keely Kelleher and Robin McElroy

The crew out exploring in the backcountry.

After 2 days of skiing in Aspen and getting to know a few locals I caught up with the Blizzard Tecnica crew for the women's athlete summit and photo shoot.  I didn´t know anybody, but after spending an hour together you couldn´t really tell. We had an amazing first evening followed by four even more amazing evenings, great talks, laughter and of course wonderful moments out there SKIING.

Isn´t it weird? Not knowing people but feeling connected just because of sharing the same passion? You actually don´t have to talk that much. You´re going for the first turns, looking at each other, having the same stupid smile all over your face and it´s done. There´s no misunderstanding. There´s no strange moment of silence. It feels as if you´ve known each other for years already. Just take a bunch of passionate skiers, skis, ski boots, snow- that´s it. Good vibes guaranteed.

We used those 5 days to focus on the Women2Women project. We talked about the wants and needs of women, interests, attitudes, priorities, development in equipment of course, discussed about different designs, exchanged ideas about how to share our passion with other girls, how to get more women into the outdoors in general, tried to answer basic questions to ourselves about “why I ski and what makes it so special to me?” in order to be able to create our mission.

Those discussions were super important and so rich of different perspectives. I think it helps very much to have gatherings like that, start thinking out of the box, be creative. Together, as a team.

Blizzard and Tecnica are doing an amazing job to push things forward and I´m more than proud to be part of a great project as the Women2Women one. I´m damn sure that you´ll be blown away by the results. Girls, pay attention…the new stuff will come in hot! What a trip, what a team!

Forget about the cliché for a sec. Those women skis and boots do rip!

Snow sculpture magic...

End of March. Aspen delivered and we enjoyed some great snow.

The people behind the scenes earning their turns. Big Shout Out for making it happen! Thanks Leslie Baker- Brown and Frank Shine!

Frank Shine - THE man behind the lens trying to make us look good.

Well deserved aprés.

Nevertheless the biggest THANK YOU goes out to Angus Graham. I can´t explain how grateful I am for countless life lessons, amazing deep talks and a skiing experience that goes beyond words. Less than a year after I met him, we lost this beautiful soul. He is sorely missed and there is not a single day passing by without having him in my thoughts. Meet you on the other side buddy!

Thanks everybody!

Shred hard,


Photo's: Frank Shine @blizzimages Anne Wangler @annewangler