The Funnest* Sport on Earth Skiing is one of life’s sure paths to joy.


When we were kids, joy wasn’t hard to find. A snow day, a trip to the movies, an ice cream cone, even a cardboard box was full of the stuff. Then we grow up, and it gets a bit buried under jobs, chores, bills, errands, parking tickets, and insurance company phone trees.

But every fall, when the leaves skitter down the sidewalk and the rain turns to snow up high, we get that familiar feeling in our stomach—the joy is coming again.

Because on the hill, skiing elevates us from getting through daily life to actually being alive—laughing with friends, floating through powder fields, clinking beers at après. Through skiing, we become kids again, reveling in the pure thrill of sliding downhill.

Here’s what our athletes and ambassadors have to say about it. Read up and smile hard…because skiing is fun.

by Kimberly Beekman

*We know, that’s not a real word. But we really wish it were.