A healthy nutritional program eliminates fatigue, anxiety and other disorders

Poor nutrition can cause many ailments such as fatigue, mood swings, insomnia or sudden wake ups, drowsiness, anxiety, panic attacks, nausea, stomach aches or acidity, bloating, cold hands and feet, night sweats, and on and on.

These kind of symptoms, defined as “MUS”, (Medically Unexplained Symptoms), are more and more common: 8 people out of 10 surely experience more than one (source: www.biotekna.com).

 Truth is, even if we tend to solve the problem with drugs, they could be related to nutritional mistakes. So, it is necessary to first modify nutrition in order to avoid the evolution into more severe diseases.

Nutritional doctors and experts recommend eating the right food to solve these symptoms, suggesting foods that are richer in fiber, have a lower glycemic index, and a lower acidity level (PRAL).