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Racing at the junior level provides a lifetime of skills and a never ending passion for the sport of skiing. We've developed our junior race ski collection so there is an appropriate ski for every level from the first timer to those closing in on making the leap to the full adult models. We design our junior race skis for ripping the race course or just tearing up the mountain.

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The Junior All Mountain collection gives  little rippers access to all conditions, anywhere on the mountain.  Designed to be easy to handle with a soft, uniform flex, the junior skier will progress while having fun all day. Team models are designed for those skiers not quite ready for the adult model but need a ski that will take them to the next level and provide easy fun anywhere they ski.


Young freeride skiers from those just starting out to those almost ready for the full adult version, will be able to access the whole mountain in any conditions. The twin tip construction makes them playful and super fun to ride. With a soft uniform flex, they will be able to keep going until the last lift. The Team models, shaped like the adult Freeride skis, are the stepping stone to higher levels of skiing. Playful, easy and fun.